Pro-lifers and unborn babies scored a major victory today with the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, which effectively overturns Roe v. Wade. 

Americans — and conservative Supreme Court Justices — are now bracing for the inevitable backlash, likely involving a great deal of violence, from pro-abortion activists. What could really go a long way right now is for a respected liberal leader to pour ice water on the flames being set around the country over this. Former President Barack Obama is a respected liberal leader. Could he be the man for the job?


Are the terrorists behind “Ruth Sent Us” and “Jane’s Revenge” not ideologues attacking the essential freedoms of millions of Americans who believe in the unborn’s right to life? They not only don’t care if people get hurt or killed, but they actively encourage it. A man tried to assassinated Justice Brett Kavanaugh before the decision was even handed down. Now that we actually have the decision, six Supreme Court Justices have targets on their backs. Those justices didn’t side with the ideologues, but that’s exactly what Obama’s doing.

We’ve known for more than a month because someone leaked it and almost got Supreme Court Justices killed.

And as for the “devastating” part … for whom, exactly, is it devastating, sir? Not for the countless unborn children who will now have a chance at life. Not for the people who believe that those countless unborn children should have a shot at life. Not for the women who — despite what Jessica Valenti may tell you — will still have places to go for elective abortions.

No, this is only “devastating” for the people who celebrate the culture of death that is the pro-abortion culture.

It’s worth noting, though, that some pro-aborts out there aren’t super impressed with Obama’s response to the ruling:

Boy, you really hate to see it.