The illustrious Dr. Anthony Fauci is testifying today — remotely, of course, since he recently tested positive for COVID — and, well, let’s just say he’s staying very much on-brand for Dr. Anthony Fauci.

As we told you earlier, GOP Sen. Rand Paul backed Fauci into an extremely uncomfortable intellectual corner over COVID vaccine boosters. But if we’re being completely honest, Fauci doesn’t really need any help getting backed into extremely uncomfortable intellectual corners. He quite adept at backing himself in.

He showed that skill off during this discussion of the origins of COVID:

We would very much like to see this “evidence” of which you speak, Dr. Fauci. Because without it, the case for the COVID pandemic stemming from a “natural occurrence” seems pretty weak.

There’s significantly more evidence out there that supports the lab-leak hypothesis.


If you haven’t already seen Dr. Alina Chan’s thread on the subject, you should definitely check it out, starting here:

We get that Anthony Fauci cares very much about his pride and about not looking like he made any mistakes, but at some point, if you refuse to just admit that you might’ve been wrong, you give no one any reason to trust your opinion on anything. Especially when the science — not The Science™, but actual science — doesn’t support your claims.

We lost any reason to respect Dr. Fauci a long time ago, but he seems determined to prove us right about him.