Yesterday, NBC News dropped a rather large bombshell regarding Hunter Biden’s business dealings with “foreign backed sources” while his father, Joe Biden, was Vice President of the United States.

NBC News Correspondent for Investigations Tom Winter, who co-authored the article, wanted to make sure that no one out there thought that NBC News didn’t take the Hunter Biden email scandal seriously before yesterday:

It’s just not true! Last October, Winter and Ken Dilanian wrote an article all about why NBC News couldn’t be bothered to cover the Hunter Biden email story! Technically, covering how they didn’t cover it still counts as coverage!

They’re really going to go with this, aren’t they?

Yep. That’s indeed their defense. They’re really going with it.

This is a new one for us. Points to Winter and NBC News for creativity!

We can’t get over it, either. No one should be able to get over it. Because it’s so over-the-top ridiculous.



WaPo has finally decided to take a deep dive into Hunter Biden’s emails, and it’s all thanks to Tucker Carlson