Earlier, we told you about the Washington Free Beacon’s new report on the Biden administration including free crack pipes in their safe smoking kits for drug addicts. Patrick Hauf, who originally broke the story, actually looked for further hard evidence to support the claims in his February article, and he found it. Lots of it.

Back in February, Washington Post Fact Checker Glenn Kessler dismissed the Free Beacon’s story, claiming that it “relied on assumptions.”

Apology? Link back to his original story with a big, flashy correction?

Nope, sorry. Best Glenn can manage is to tweet out the Washington Free Beacon’s new article:

Uh, thanks? We guess? Feels a bit lacking, considering how Kessler used his considerable “fact checking” platform to impugn Hauf and the Free Beacon’s reporting and integrity.

That’s him. And this is the outlet he proudly works for:

Don’t count on it. We’ve checked his feed and at least as of the time we published this post, there’s nothing resembling an apology or a mea culpa about this.

We’ll leave you with Kessler’s current pinned tweet:

We’re pretty well acquainted with the Washington Post Fact Checker’s fact-checking process: it sucks.



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