Glenn Kessler kind of, but not really, increases his Pinocchio rating over Jen Psaki’s spin that ‘most Republicans want to raise taxes’

In a follow-up to a Fact Check from three weeks ago that gave President Joe Biden three Pinocchios “for falsely claiming that “congressional Republicans” want to raise middle-class taxes,” the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler looked at Jen Psaki’s continued spin that “most Republicans want to raise taxes”. . .

. . .and he’s moved up his rating from three to “nearly” four Pinocchios. But not really:

What, you just can’t round up to four? It stays at three?

The Pinocchio Test

As we suspected, none of the quotes cited by Psaki support the specific proposals that have caused controversy. Instead, they generally are generic words of support for the idea of releasing a plan.

We still see little evidence that the proposals highlighted by the White House merit enough support that they can be dubbed “congressional Republican” plans, let alone plans that a “majority” of Republicans back. Scott remains on a policy island, all by himself, though substantive alternative plans have yet to be introduced by other Republicans.

We reaffirm our rating of Three — nearly Four — Pinocchios.

Add the fourth nose, it’s only fair!


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