It was a sad, tragic day at CBS News when celebrated “abortion access” reporter Kate Smith left the respected field of journalism in order to become a respected voice for reproductive rights.

The silver lining in her departure, though, is that she landed on her feet, in the hallowed, bloodstained halls of Planned Parenthood, where she now serves as the baby murder mill’s senior director of news content.

Where she is free to shout from the rooftops what she could only be subtle about in her reporter days:

Narrator: Birth control and virtually everything were not next. In fact, it’s worth issuing yet another reminder that it’s Republicans who have repeatedly tried to make birth control more widely and easily accessible as over-the-counter while the Democratic Party in tandem with Planned Parenthood has fought tooth and nail against it.

Kate Smith, your reputation is on the line. NOW. As is your entire journalistic career. Because it’s clear that you had absolutely zero business being tasked with honestly reporting on the abortion debate.

And the public’s trust in the media continues to plummet. Weird.



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