It disappeared from her Twitter bio, but for a while there Kate Smith was identifying her beat at CBS News as “abortion access.” That was a bit of a tipoff as to where her views on abortion landed, as if there weren’t enough clues in her reports and tweets:

Those damn nuns!

Her first big scoop? The last abortion provider in Missouri losing its license after the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services had claimed there were “deficiencies” that the clinic refused to correct. She noted in 2020 that she thought it was “incredibly tone-deaf” for Vice President Mike Pence to hold a pro-life event during a pandemic.

Fox News reports that Smith has quit her gig at CBS News, and now she’s free to voice her opinions on abortion.

Joseph A. Wulfsohn reports:

A CBS News reporter announced that she quit her job and immediately spoken openly about her support for “abortion rights.”

Kate Smith, who was covering “abortion access” for CBS since October 2018, took to Twitter on Thursday and thanked her former colleagues at the “legendary institution.”

“Now that I’m not a reporter I can be candid about my own opinions on reproductive rights,” Smith wrote. “I’ll say this: With or without Roe v Wade access to abortion is disappearing across the South and Midwest for low income women. And it’s happening more or less under the radar.”

Why quit then if the stakes are so high?

Fox News reports that in a Twitter thread, “Smith went on to offer her ‘TV-friendly clothes’ to local reporters who are ‘covering these issues.'”