David Hogg may be a Hahvahd boy, but if you can believe it, there are still some things that even he can’t understand. Things, everywhere, like, such as, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts calling for an investigation into the leak revealing SCOTUS’ apparent intent to issue a ruling that would effectively do away with Roe v. Wade.

Try as he may, poor David just can’t wrap his head around this puzzler:

So let him get this straight.

We’d actually love to let him get it straight. But his brain just won’t let him.

It’s not a good point, though. Not even a passably OK point. It’s just silly.

David really has to stop letting his cis-man privilege get the best of him.

“Literally” is far from the only word whose meaning David Hogg is unfamiliar with.

Looks like your kid came out ahead.

David must hear that a lot. And he’s going to hear it a lot more during the course of his life.



David Hogg references Orwell’s ‘1984’ in attempt to slam Republicans who ‘love parental rights so much’

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