In these times of trouble and uncertainty, what a relief it is to know that we can always look to the Biden administration for leadership — and to Jen Psaki to be completely upfront and honest with us about what’s going on.

Jen would never try to mislead us or gaslight us, because that’s just not how she rolls.

So when she says “we are not expecting a food shortage here at home,” you can take that to the bank:

Where to begin? Well, aside from the fact that we have already been experiencing food shortages here at home for quite a while now, we’re really not clear on how Jen Psaki reassuring us that there won’t be food shortages here is actually supposed to reassure us that there won’t be food shortages here.

If we’ve learned one thing from watching the Biden administration, it’s that the things they promise can’t or won’t happen can and do happen every single time.

Just as transitory as inflation has been.

Her home may very well not experience a food shortage. How nice for her.

But otherwise, this, like everything else that comes out of her mouth, is a lie. A bald-faced lie.

And we’re tired of it.



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