Jen Psaki may already have one foot out the White House door and in MSNBC’s door, but don’t let anyone tell you that she’s slacking off as she counts down her remaining days as Joe Biden’s press secretary. She’s just as willfully intellectually dishonest and all-around awful as she ever was.

Here’s what she had to say about the border crisis and how it’s totally the last guy’s fault:

Ah, yes. President Joe Biden’s policy with regard to our southern border and illegal immigration is much smarter than Donald Trump’s. So smart that it’s actually beyond our comprehension.

Nothing Joe Biden has done to address the border crisis has been “smarter.” Nothing he’s done has been smart, period. And Psaki is lying through her teeth when she claims that Biden is happy to cooperate with governors on tackling the problems at our southern border. They asked for his help, and he refused.

The only thing Biden’s nailing is the nails in our national security coffin.

It’s true. Jen Psaki checks all the left-wing media boxes: White House insider, liberal Democrat, lying liar who lies.

People are watching, and people are listening.

And we’re utterly disgusted by all of it.



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