Yesterday, we told you about the Tennessee GOP’s recent decision to remove Morgan Ortagus and Robby Starbuck (and Baxter Lee) from the ballot for the 5th Congressional District race.

That left a lot of people wondering what, exactly, motivated that decision.

Well, when it comes to Ortagus, at least, it appears that antisemitism was a factor.

Who is Senator Frank Niceley? Well, he represents the 8th District in the Tennessee State Senate.

And he evidently has some issues with Jews like Morgan Ortagus:

Niceley also brought Hitler into a recent discussion that didn’t really merit any mention of Hitler.

Even some of Donald Trump’s staunchest supporters took issue with his endorsement of Ortagus. But Ortagus’ Judaism shouldn’t be seen as a strike against her, and the fact that Frank Niceley is fixated on her religion is disturbing, to say the least.

It’s truly gross. And it’s an absolutely terrible look for the Tennessee GOP. They still have time to rectify their mistake, and we suggest they use it wisely.

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