The Tennessee GOP voted last night to remove three candidates off of the upcoming primary ballot for the state’s 5th congressional district, including Trump-endorsed Morgan Ortagus as well as Robby Starbuck, a favorite among many in the pro-MAGA crowd who weren’t happy with the Ortagus pick by the former president:

There were warnings this could happen:

Starbuck hinted about this outcome as well:

Apparently, these three didn’t meet state qualifications to get on the ballot:

From NBC News:

When Morgan Ortagus announced her bid for a House seat in Tennessee last month, she did so with former President Donald Trump’s “complete and total endorsement” — a surefire way for a GOP candidate to quickly become competitive in a crowded field.

But it’s what she doesn’t have that may prevent her from even qualifying for the primary ballot: a track record in the state.

Ortagus, a former Trump State Department spokesperson, moved to Tennessee only last year. That, coupled with a feeling among some in the GOP that Trump’s endorsement essentially served as an anointment, has irked some state and local Republicans enough to mount a significant challenge to her candidacy — and the backlash may soon come to a head as the April 7 deadline to qualify nears. Legislation that would require congressional candidates to live in the state for three years to qualify for primary ballots sailed through the state Senate, while insiders familiar with the process also said they expect her candidacy to soon be challenged before the state GOP’s executive committee.

It seems like this should have been addressed before these candidates became national names:

Here’s who left on the ballot via the Tennessean:

With the three removals, Nashville lawyer and retired National Guard Brig. Gen. Kurt Winstead, former House Speaker Beth Harwell and Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles are among the most prominent candidates.

Or not. Starbuck told the pater “The fight has only just begun” and “We can’t let RNO’s destroy our party”:



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