Less than 48 hours after the Washington Post ran Taylor Lorenz’s appalling hit piece on the woman behind Libs of Tik Tok, we’re still dealing with the fallout.

As we told you earlier, thanks to WaPo and Lorenz’s efforts — as well as the efforts of all the brave firefighters and guardians of truth spreading the virus as far as they can — a Los Angeles woman with the same name as the woman who runs Libs of Tik Tok is currently receiving vile and violent death threats. If anything happens to her, Taylor Lorenz will just tell you that she’s just collateral damage. Well, actually, she’ll tell you to be more discerning and make sure you’re threatening the right person.

Narrator: Taylor Lorenz is not actually sorry that she has now exposed two innocent women to homicidal SJWs. This is all working out exactly as planned.

Taylor wants to make it abundantly clear to critics that this is just the sort of thing that comes with the territory when you give insane leftists their own rope with which to hang themselves. Never mind that not so long ago, Taylor Lorenz was weeping openly about being targeted with mean tweets by people who are sick and tired of her business model of using her substantial media platforms to harass and endanger people who don’t support narratives she likes.

Taylor Lorenz most definitely has a brand, and she’s determined to stick to it, no matter what it says about her character — or lack thereof. And it’s important to recognize the awfulness that her media defenders are enabling.

Ben Shapiro spent a few moments today focusing on some of the highlights — or, rather, lowlights — of Lorenz’s hit piece on Libs of Tik Tok:

Think it was just an oversight on Taylor Lorenz’s part? Not a chance.

It’s almost as if Taylor Lorenz has a pattern of willful deception and dishonesty.

No evidence? Well, then, guess it’s up to us to look for the evidence ourselves.

Fortunately, Christina Pushaw saved us the trouble:

So, for those keeping score at home, Taylor Lorenz offered up no evidence to support her thesis that Libs of Tik Tok is dangerous and evil. She did, however, make up for the glaring lack of evidence with an abundance of trash.

The media landfill runneth over.

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