We knew this was coming. . .

The Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz is pivoting toward victimhood status after she doxxed the woman behind the popular Libs of TikTok Twitter account:

“The amount of insane stuff that’s happened over the past 24hrs has been unbelievable. It’s eye opening to see how sophisticated & vicious these coordinated attacks have become. I’m grateful to work at a company that takes these issues seriously and is supportive. I’m doing great!”

But do you know who thhe real victim is here? It’s not just Chaya Raichik, the woman Lorenz doxxed. There’s another Chaya Raichik who calls herself “Just an LA girl 🇺🇸 living in London 🇬🇧 with my two 👩‍👧‍👦 asking you to laugh at my tiktoks” who is now getting death threats and such because of Lorenz’s article:

Take a bow, Taylor Lorenz. “This is on you”:

And we expect this would be a bigger story if it were conservatives sending the messages. Maybe Lorenz can do a follow-up?

She *should* have done more to protect this woman with the same name:

Lorenz is currently playing catch up and just this morning warned her followers to not confuse the two accounts:

Too little, too late.



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