Earlier this week, Black Lives Matter found themselves in the extremely uncomfortable position of having to explain why the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation’s super shady finances might look really bad at first but are ultimately nothing to be concerned about. That $6 million mansion they purchased was just a Fellowship and Creator House Centering Joy! Nothing to raise any red flags about, no sirree!

In fact, we should all just stop worrying about what Black Lives Matter is doing with the money they rake in, because it’s rude to ask questions. Actually, it’s not just rude; it’s downright triggering and unsafe!

Black Lives Matter cofounder — and very well-to-do activist — Patrisse Cullors recently explained why federal charity transparency laws are so dangerous for organizations like Black Lives Matter, who just want to do good and charitable things:

We can certainly see why Patrisse would be so triggered by a form requiring financial disclosures. People might be really angry with her if they found out how she and Black Lives Matter have been using donors’ money.

“Deeply unsafe.” “Literally weaponized.” Poor Patrisse must be terrified to even get out of bed in the morning, knowing that she’s expected to put her life at risk by proving that her charitable work is legit.

Maybe Sotheby’s, too. They’ve got a real estate division, don’t they?

Oh, the humanity!

And let people think she’s been a grifter all this time? Never! She mustn’t let the racists win.

Thank God Patrisse Cullors is as stunning and brave as she is. A lesser woman would would worry about how this makes her look even worse than she already looked.



‘I’m in the wrong line of work’: Daily Caller’s latest on BLM co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors’ finances has us rethinking this whole ‘Marxism’ thing

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