While Joe Biden’s economy has been booming all over the place, here are some developments that some of you may have missed:

Huh. OK, well, at least job creation is still humming along nicely:

Huh. OK, well, at least the people who need to work to survive are making enough money to get through difficult times:

Huh. OK, well … the economy under President Joe Biden is a little terrible. It’s still good! It’s still good!

The biggest challenges are for people who don’t have much disposable income.

Sounds kind of — what’s the word we’re looking for? — regressive.

Because it is regressive.

In other words, inflation is not just a “high class problem” like Ron Klain wanted us to believe. Something that hits the poorest Americans the hardest is not a high class problem.

Pretty much everything that the Biden administration has ever told us to convince us that our economic situation isn’t as bad as it clearly is has aged poorly. And as that situation deteriorates, it’s growing more and more difficult to ignore. Once the bad news hits CNN, you know it’s really bad.

And yet, instead of taking any responsibility for the colossal mess they’ve created, the Biden administration will instead continue to insist that their policies are working and that we’re just not doing enough to dig ourselves out of our economic grave.

Surely you can scrape together the money you need!

Hey, you’ll save $80 a month on gas!

Just suck it up, peasants.



Ron Klain manages to find the silver lining in the Biden administration further depleting our strategic oil reserve

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