The Washington Free Beacon’s Aaron Sibarium has done some truly fantastic work exposing harassment of conservatives and the insidiousness of Critical Race Theory at Yale Law School. We highly recommend you catch up on all of it:

Alas, Critical Race Theory is so persistent and poisonous, its toxicity is not limited to Yale Law School. It’s spreading to other law schools around the country, and even the most prestigious law schools aren’t immune. In his latest investigative piece, Sibarium takes a close look at how Critical Race Theory has infected Georgetown Law:

In addition to his Free Beacon piece, Sibarium has written a comprehensive thread detailing what’s going on at Georgetown Law:

That’s the same William Treanor who eagerly caved to the mob calling for Ilya Shapiro’s head on a platter, by the way.

Suppose they’ll have to change the bar exam next to reflect the growing emphasis on Critical Race Theory, then. Bodes well for the future of the legal profession, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, institutions of left-wing education don’t seem to be in any rush to stop.



Left-leaning law blogger and Yale Law School alumnus David Lat delves into his serious concerns with YLS’ conduct over conservative student

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