Georgetown Law Dean Bill Treanor announced yesterday that Ilya Shapiro is on administrative leave pending an investigation into his recent racist and sexist remarks that were neither racist nor sexist.

Apparently quite a few Georgetown Law students aren’t willing to wait out any investigation. We can certainly agree with them that an investigation isn’t necessary at this point, but their rationale is that Ilya Shapiro is quite obviously guilty and deserves to be punished immediately.

Pretty much.

Ugh. Let’s hope so.

Is that so, Bill?


Forget it; they’re rolling.

The only line Treanor should be drawing is the one that leads Georgetown Law students out the door.

And Bill Treanor is indulging them.

We, too, feel like crying. We feel like weeping for the future if the future looks anything like these Georgetown Law students.

And Treanor, in his spinelessness, is aiding and abetting it. Does he think that will ultimately absolve him of sin in these students’ minds?

Treanor could’ve chosen to follow Dana Loesch’s evergreen advice from the get-go:

Instead, he threw his lot in with the likes of Mark Joseph Stern and a coalition of petulant student snowflakes.

If Treanor’s not asking himself that already, he will be very soon.

And so will these students, if they’re remotely capable of any self-reflection.

No. Any sane person would do no such thing.



Guys. You guys:

Such stunning. Much brave.



Smear merchant Mark Joseph Stern blames ‘frenzied mob of grievance conservatives’ for blowback over him trying to get Ilya Shapiro fired

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