It feels like it’s been a lot more than a few days since Twitter locked The Babylon Bee’s account over a tweet drawing attention to the fact that “Admiral” Rachel Levine, United States Assistant Secretary for Health and one of USA Today’s “Women of the Year,” is a biological male. It feels like it’s been more than a few days because a whole lot has happened since then. On Tuesday, Twitter locked Babylon Bee editor-in-chief Kyle Mann out of his account (Mann, for what it’s worth, has refused to cave to Twitter’s stupid demands), and Wednesday, Twitter did the same to Not the Bee CEO and Babylon Bee founder Adam Ford, because Ford had shared a screenshot of the tweet that Twitter claimed had violated their policy on “hateful conduct.”

Last night, Twitter reaffirmed their commitment to punishing The Babylon Bee for having done absolutely nothing wrong. This was the update from Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon:

And there you have it.

Well, according to Twitter, this is what constitutes “hateful conduct”:

The Babylon Bee’s tweet wasn’t hateful. In fact, it was rooted in science. What’s hateful about following basic biological science, exactly?

And we have to ask: What’s not hateful about something like this?

Why is The Onion suggesting that Josh Hawley is a pedophile not hateful conduct, but The Babylon Bee suggesting that Rachel Levine is not biologically female — which is unequivocally correct, for the record — is?

Either the rules apply to everyone, Twitter, or they apply to no one. You can’t keep selectively enforcing vague rules and expect people to just shrug it off.

And one last thing for Twitter to keep in mind:

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