Vox journalist and star video editor Aaron Rupar has been watching the Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson very, very careful, eagerly anticipating every moment that a Republican senator says or does anything problematic, like, say, asking Judge Jackson if she can define “woman.” Or maybe going off on some pro-life crusade, like GOP Sen. Mike Lee did. We can’t wait for Aaron to post the damning video — carefully edited, of course, because it’s Aaron Rupar — that exposes Mike Lee as the anti-abortion troll he is.

So, Aaron … let’s see it. Let’s see what you’ve got for us:

Spare us the clip? But why? You love clips, Aaron! Clips are your bread and butter! Clips are why you have so many dedicated Twitter followers who will retweet your videos without bothering to ask about context!

Why would you just let Sen. Lee off the hook like that? Unless there’s something you don’t want your followers to see …

What if Mike Lee was graphically detailing appendectomy procedures? Or the procedures for resetting broken bones? Would that video be more suitable for your audience, Aaron? What is it about abortion procedures specifically that concerns you?

Just a body from whom a blob of cells is being extracted. Nobody gets hurt. What’s the problem?

We’re waiting, Aaron.



Vox journo Aaron Rupar’s advice to libs watching SCOTUS confirmation hearings gets him ‘[murdered] in broad daylight’