Now that the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson have begun, Democrats are making a very big deal about the importance of civility and manners and maturity and conduct becoming of a United States Senator.

Senate Republicans have got to do their damnedest to resist the urge to let themselves be ruled by their basest, most primitive instincts and turn the proceedings into an absolute partisan circus.

Boy, what a shame it is that this is even something that needs to be said. Republicans shouldn’t have to be told to behave themselves. But the times have changed, and the times we’re living in at the moment can often tend toward the messy. Politico and MSNBC’s Sam Stein sums it up nicely:

He’s not wrong, you know. What he is, though, is unfashionably late to the party. The Democratic Party, to be specific.

You were there, Sam. You saw it with your own eyes, just like the rest of us saw it.

Yeah, so are we. And that means we remember the way Senate Democrats debased themselves — as well as the Supreme Court confirmation process — in a shameless display of partisan jackassery. And we remember how the media not only let them get away with it, but actively participated in and encouraged it all.

Don’t complain that you got exactly what you wished for, Sam. Don’t say we didn’t try to warn you.

And FYI, Sam and anyone else who’s clutching their pearls over what’s happening today:

Seems like Senate Republicans are being pretty civil after all.



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