The New York Times published a new opinion piece discussing the state of free speech in America:

And let the record show that CUNY journalism Prof. Jeff Jarvis is appalled — appalled! Free speech is a pretty big deal in this country, especially given that it’s been under very real threat. How dare the New York Times publish a piece suggesting that America has a free speech problem!

Jeff Jarvis’ righteous indignation is positively boiling over:

Ah, yes. The people who are concerned about preserving and protecting the right to free speech are the ones in the throes of moral panic.

The Left is just criticizing hate while the Right is burning books! Can’t the New York Times see that?

We technically have the right to speak! We just may to worry about losing our jobs or being harassed if we say something the Left doesn’t like, but we technically have the right to speak!

God forbid someone have the temerity to point out that liberals have pretty consistently demonstrated themselves to be more in favor of policing speech than conservatives.

The New York Times is catering to the “white-right” now?

It couldn’t possibly be that white people might generally feel less free to discuss various topics because they’re worried about self-righteous woke blowhards like Jeff Jarvis trying to get them canceled. No way.

We’re starting to think the one suffering from white victimhood is Jeff Jarvis. He seems to think he’s out there on an island somewhere, subjecting himself to persecution from the right-wing New York Times Editorial Page by defending restricting free speech.

Jeff’s really leaning into this hard. Guess he figures that if he keeps shouting loudly enough, he won’t have to stop and listen to himself.

Reminder: this man is a journalism professor.

A threat? Promising more opinions and discussions about endangered free speech is a threat?

It sounds to us like Jeff Jarvis is the one complaining about the New York Times maybe being willing to share its stage. Isn’t that kind of the purpose of the New York Times Editorial Page? To share a stage with people with diverse opinions?

But Jeff Jarvis doesn’t see that as the problem; he sees the speech as the problem.

We have no doubt that Jeff Jarvis would agree with Slate’s Mark Joseph Stern that the judges concerned about the implications of Yale Law students trying to drown out and shout down speakers are bigger threats to free speech than the Yale Law students trying to drown out and shout down speakers.



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