It’s been enlightening to see how many mainstream journalists are pro-censorship of Joe Rogan over alleged COVID misinformation that’s supposedly killing people. They’re the gatekeepers of truth; it comes down from Dr. Anthony Fauci or the CDC and the media helpfully passes it on down to us, the unenlightened.

Remember when NPR reported a man had been turned away from 43 ICUs because they were filled to capacity with COVID patients? Yeah, NPR picked that up from the man’s obituary, and they didn’t even check in with the family members who wrote it before going to press. And then there was the Washington Post going back 15 months and taking the words “debunked” and “conspiracy theory” out of a headline about Tom Cotton’s suggestion the coronavirus could have come from a lab leak.

Now we know where they get it from: school. Jeff Jarvis is a professor at the City University of New York’s Journalism School, and he’s passing along a list of Joe Rogan’s advertisers just in case anyone wanted to stop supporting them, like he will.

You wouldn’t wonder if you followed him on Twitter.

Thanks to @1G_Regie for digging up this gem:

Jarvis isn’t quite stirring up the rage mob with his tweet that he might have intended.


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