True story: When we did our post about the Washington Post going back and changing a 15-month-old headline to make a “debunked conspiracy theory” a “disputed fringe theory,” we had put “stealth-edits” in the headline. We took out the “stealth” bit after seeing that the Post had appended a correction. Nevertheless, it was journalism at its worst — had the Post not erroneously called the theory “debunked” just to stick it to Sen. Tom Cotton, they would have had no reason to go back and update it.

WaPo fact-checker Glenn Kessler noted that The Federalist had done a piece on the change and, being the fact-checker he is, disputed the claim that the Post had made the change “quietly.”

Wow, that’s really big of you guys. It only took The Federalist 10 minutes to add the correction, while it took the Post 15 months.

Someone would have had to have taken a screenshot of the original headline … which they did.


Hey, it’s Jennifer Rubin calling Sen. Tom Cotton “an irrational conspiracy monger.” Will she address that in her next column?