Earlier, we told you about CNN global affairs analyst and New Yorker journalist Susan Glasser’s demented take on Fox News cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski being killed in Ukraine. Here it is again, just because it’s important to remember that Susan Glasser is a terrible person:

For what it was worth, Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan thought that Glasser really nailed it. And that made us wonder just how many more awful takes there were out there, just waiting to get their chance in Twitchy’s spotlight.

We’re not sure of the exact number, but we can add at least one more to the list. This once comes courtesy of Miami Herald investigative reporter Julie K. Brown. While her take isn’t exactly structured like Glasser and Sullivan’s, it’s still constructed on the same basic premise: that Fox News is bad news.

Ladies and gentlemen, Julie K. Brown:

We figured we’d go ahead and screenshot it (not that she’d ever delete something she’s so proud of):

She is not kidding, folks. We wish she were, but she’s not.

Yeah, does Julie have Fox News figured out or what?

We wouldn’t mind using some swear words right now, actually. Because Julie K. Brown is f*cking full of sh*t.

They are absolutely telling on themselves. They’re showing us not only that they can’t let go of their blind partisan hatred for two seconds, but that they don’t care about the truth and don’t want others to see it.

Not everyone has as difficult a time caring about multiple things simultaneously as Julie K. Brown apparently does.

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