Following the tragic news that Fox News cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski was killed while covering Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, New Yorker journalist and CNN global affairs analyst Susan Glasser took the opportunity to bash Fox News. Because standards.

To their credit, others at CNN don’t appear to share Susan’s approach to mourning Zakrzewski’s death:

But that doesn’t mean that Glasser is all by herself on some lonely island. She has friends who feel the same way she does — and who are stupid enough to broadcast that publicly.

Hello, Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan. Can’t say we’re surprised to see you:

Screenshotted, just because:

We certainly can’t argue that Susan Glasser’s summary was succinct. We also can’t argue that it wasn’t shameful, disgusting, and utterly coldhearted.

What a comfort it is to know that there are journalists out there whose loathing for Fox News runs so deep that they’ll trivialize someone being killed to just score some worthless points and high-five each other.

Fact check: true.

And any other journalists who’d like to hop aboard Susan Glasser and Margaret Sullivan’s bandwagon should feel free to let us know now so we can always remember what kind of people they are.

* * *


And it was forward-thinking of us to take a screenshot, because now it’s gone: