If you’ll recall, last October, Vox’s Aaron Rupar posted a video of GOP Sen. Ted Cruz defending Nazi salutes at school board meetings.

Cruz was not, in fact, defending Nazi salutes at school board meetings, but Aaron Rupar being Aaron Rupar just assumed that his followers wouldn’t bother to watch the video he had posted. It turned out that Rupar’s assumption was a good one, because plenty of people bought Rupar’s narrative. Plenty of people, including the Daily Beast’s Justin Baragona.

Justin Baragona took Aaron Rupar’s false narrative and ran with it. So we can’t say we’re all that surprised today to see Baragona get his Rupar on.

Yesterday on Fox News, Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo said that some people have told her that the Biden administration “does not see Putin as the enemy, they see him as a partner!” Justin Baragona wasn’t about to let that one slide:

That Maria Bartiromo, man. She’s a loose cannon. Just absolutely out of her ever-loving mind!

Well, Howard, it’s also something you would never have believed had you actually watched the entire video and listened to what Maria Bartiromo had to say after the part Justin Baragona quoted. Because what she had to say after the part he quoted was actually pretty important.

Justin Baragona is not an honest broker of information.

That’s sarcasm, of course.

We’re not sure why liberal media outlets seem so to have such a fixation lately on discrediting Maria Bartiromo, but it’s effing weird, honestly. And they really need to cool it.



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