Yesterday, Nebraska Democratic State Sen. Megan Hunt briefly became a national star with a scorching-hot take on gun rights in America. Here it is again:

Hunt — which, ironically, is something that people often do with guns — got plenty of pushback for that. Which is understandable, as what she said was incredibly stupid. Dana Loesch was among those who called Hunt out on her BS:

For the record, Hunt did not appreciate Loesch weighing in on her original take:

Be serious? You first, Megan.

Loesch is plenty serious. The gun control movement was born in large part out of a desire to keep black men and women from exercising their constitutional right to defend themselves. That’s not spin; that’s just a fact.

We can’t say the same thing about Hunt’s assertion that the “NRA holds rallies every time a mass shooting happens.” That’s a ridiculous thing to say on its face, before you even consider the fact that there’s not a single shred of evidence that exists out there that supports it.

You’re damn right it’s a lie. And Loesch gladly called her out on it:

Yeah, Megan … misspelling the man’s name is definitely not a good look. Neither is lying for cheap political points, of course.

Facts don’t matter to Megan Hunt, and that should matter to her constituents.



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