What an awkward time it must be for the Principled Conservatives™ at The Bulwark.

You know, because the guy they went to bat for so hard has managed not only to not be up to the job of President of the United States, but it turns out he genuinely sucks at everything. Joe Biden has flat-out crashed and burned, and he’s barely one year into his presidency. He’s lived down to our worst expectations, and then lived down even deeper than that.

But, no matter how awkward it gets for The Bulwark, it only makes them more determined to prove that they did not, in fact, make a huge mistake.

Bulwark founder and editor-at-large Charlie Sykes is doing whatever he can to keep his readers focused on the big orange squirrel named Donald Trump:

Wow, Charlie. You sure busted Trump! Up until you posted that screenshot, we had no idea that Trump admired Vladimir Putin! Other than all the times Trump expressed admiration for Vladimir Putin, of course. The thing is that despite admiring Putin’s power, Trump still didn’t sit back and watch Putin invade Ukraine. Putin waited until Trump was out of office. That should tell you something.

Those pockets aren’t gonna line themselves.

Maybe Charlie should take some of that Resistance money and use it to find a really good psychologist who can get to the root of his selective amnesia.

If only Charlie Sykes had a reset button that someone could push and get him back to a time when he wasn’t such a self-righteous douchebag. Alas.

Even better question: why do we care? Donald Trump isn’t the president anymore; Joe Biden is. And that’s exactly what Charlie and The Bulwark said they wanted. So why not celebrate all of Biden’s historic achievements? Why continue to focus like a laser on Trump?

That’s not what Charlie meant, but it’s the truth.



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