The Bulwark’s Tim Miller has a love letter to all of the Putin apologists out there, and he lays it out in a piece Thursday in which he exposes the worst Ukraine takes. He names some names, such as Candace Owens, Glenn Greenwald, and Tulsi Gabbard, but he wraps up this piece with this straw man:

If you believe this could be some sinister, NWO, Hunter-Biden military-industrial complex plot, [then] I’m asking you to log off Reddit, take a walk around the block, and consider why regular, everyday Ukrainians are either taking up arms to defend their country or fleeing in terror. These people need our help. So we must ignore the Russia apologists, and continue to do whatever we can to help.

Bill Kristol thought that last paragraph was pretty good as used it as a pull quote in his tweet promoting the piece.

And by help you mean …

Kristol and The Bulwark put all of their faith behind Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, so they must have their fingers crossed.