Earlier today, devoted Pod Bro Dan Pfeiffer made it very clear to his followers that, despite the fact that Republicans are not responsible for high gas prices, Republicans are responsible for high gas prices.

Now, as stupid as that take is, it’s still the sort of take we’d expect from a Pod Bro like Dan Pfeiffer. Unabashed partisan Democratic hacks gonna unabashedly partisan Democratic hack.

But we’d like to think that ostensibly serious journalists would at least try a little bit harder to hide their bias. We’d like to think that, but we weren’t born yesterday. So if we’re being honest, we can’t be remotely surprised that New Yorker staff writer and CNN global affairs analyst Susan Glasser would offer up a take very similar to Dan Pfeiffer’s:

So it has begun: Democrats demanding bans on domestic oil production, catching heat from Americans complaining about high gas prices, and blaming Republicans for all of it.

And journalists pretending that that’s not the case.

Oh, the journos are big bad. Majorly mad.

That’s why they’re resorting to gaslighting.


Yes. The answer is yes.

It is alarming, in a way. But it’s also to be expected. Is alarmingly predictable a thing? Because when you’ve got no less than Joe Biden himself insisting that his administration bears absolutely no responsibility for high gas prices, what choice do the MSM have but to back him up? That’s their job, dammit!

And we very much look forward to seeing if it pays off for them.

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