Earlier, we showed you a graph that illustrated concisely but completely “why now is the time to end mask mandates.”

Not exactly subtle, is it? It shouldn’t be if you’ve been paying any attention over the last two years.

For the record, apparently Leana Wen and the New York Times editorial board don’t think you have:

Oh. Well, now that Leana Wen and the New York Times have given us the green light …

Their nerve cup runneth over.

Must be nice.

Spoiler alert: No self-reflection will be done. No accountability will be taken.

That’s all this was ever about. Not science. Not safety. Not health.

Only politics. Pure and simple.

Don’t forget what they did.

“Second to few” is actually pretty accurate:

With all due respect, Leana Wen and the New York Times can take their smug self-righteousness and shove it.



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