It seems that the Biden administration miscalculated pretty spectacularly on the whole distributing-free-crack-pipes-to-drug-addicts-in-the-name-of-racial equity thing.

HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra and ONDCP Director Rahul Gupta issued a statement yesterday clarifying that “no federal funding will be used directly or through subsequent reimbursement of grantees to put pipes in safe smoking kits.” What they failed to clarify was whether they had originally intended to include crack pipes in the kits. For what it was worth, Jen Psaki said that crack pipes weren’t included. Of course, she couldn’t explain why Biden’s HHS had been unable to offer any evidence that the Washington Free Beacon’s reporting consisted of “blatant misinformation.”

If you didn’t buy Psaki’s spin on this, you had good reason not to:

Anyway, we suppose we should just be grateful that our money won’t be used to give crack pipes to drug addicts. GOP Sen. Tom Cotton, for one, is relieved.

What he’s not, however, is satisfied:

Is there any doubt that HHS wouldn’t have said a word had it not been for Patrick Hauf and the Washington Free Beacon? We’re not going to pack HHS or the Biden administration on the back just yet. Or possibly ever:

That’s strange … when Jen Psaki was listing the stuff in the safe smoking kits, she never mentioned syringes. Lip balm, yes. Syringes, no:

We can certainly appreciate the value in drug addicts having clean syringes as opposed to dirty, contaminated ones. But how would giving drug addicts cleaner supplies — for free, mind you — do anything “to stop the spread of drugs and curb addiction”? It doesn’t make much logical sense at all.

Then again, nothing the Biden administration has done has made much logical sense at all.



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