Remember this intriguing scoop about Chris Cuomo in the wake of Jeff Zucker’s resignation from CNN?

Our interest was officially piqued.

And then yesterday, we learned that CNN’s investigation had reportedly revealed that Zucker and his lady friend Allison Gollust had not only orchestrated Chris Cuomo’s interviews with Gollust’s former boss and then-Governor Andrew Cuomo, but that they had coached Andrew Cuomo for his COVID briefings.

Guy Benson quipped “no wonder Chris is suing”:

Yes, well, about that …


Fired CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, who was hoping to secure an $18 million lump sum payout following his departure last year, has been told to set his sights lower, with him unlikely to receive anything more than around $9 million from the cable news network.

AT&T, CNN’s parent company, is said to be in negotiations to reach a deal that would see the fired anchor receive half of the $18million he had been vying for before Jeff Zucker’s unexpected resignation Wednesday.

Chris was to looking to get paid out for the remainder of his contract, but Zucker was sticking firm and refusing, arguing that he brought the network into disrepute.

However, Zucker’s sudden exit after nine years as CNN’s leader means the goalposts have now shifted once again.

It’s like a soap opera!

Whatever Chris Cuomo has on Zucker — and, by extension, CNN — must be pretty bad.

We can’t help but wonder, though, how long Chris Cuomo’s grace period for CNN will last, particularly if he’s only getting half the payout he was asking for.

If it does, it can’t happen soon enough. Hell hath no fury like a Cuomo scorned.

Hey, if we have to keep the interrogation light on CNN, we’ll do it. For America.

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