Recently, the Anti-Defamation League decided to test out a new tactic in the war on antisemitism: hiring antisemites. There was a time we would’ve thought something like that was too ridiculous to be true.

But honestly, these days, it suits them. Because this is where they’re at right now:

We had to check for ourselves that it was real, because we wanted to believe that there’s someone left at the ADL who hasn’t gone completely insane. Alas, it’s no joke. At least not the fun, amusing kind.

It’s actually pretty scary to think that wokeness is leading the ADL to normalize antisemitism and principles of Critical Race Theory. This sort of thing keeps happening, and we should be very concerned.

The ADL has sold out to the Wokeness Brigade. It’s going to be quite the reckoning when they realize that their cowardice won’t save them from the mob.




So it’s been like this for a year and a half. We’re sure that Jews will start seeing the benefits of a more woke approach any day now.

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