In case you missed it, Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema just nuked her Dem colleagues’ (minus Joe Manchin, of course) chances to do away with the Senate filibuster. If you did miss it, you should check it out. And if you saw it, well, you should watch it again, because it’s just that good.

Anyway, there are a lot of very confused, very angry firefighters and media power players struggling to process what they’ve just witnessed.

But we’re going to shine a very special spotlight on the illustrious Jennifer Rubin, who can now add her response to Sinema’s speech to the long, long list of things she’s gotten wrong:

Guys, she pinned the tweet:

Because of course she did.

Of course she’s not OK. But it was sweet of you to ask!

It’s like Niagara Falls shooting out of Jennifer Rubin’s eyes.

You’re one to talk, Jen.


Jennifer Rubin should also ask herself a question: “Why would anyone in their right mind ever listen to me?”

If Jennifer Rubin would ditch journalism and opinion-columnisting for something more her speed, like interpretive dance or basket weaving, that would save us all a lot of grief down the road.

Is Kyrsten Sinema siding with George Wallace, Jen? Oops. Sorry, that was Joe Biden. Our bad!

Guess Sinema will just have to settle for siding with Jim Crow.


Well, technically there was one Republican who filibustered. The other 18 senators were Democrats. But a much larger percentage (at least 80%) of Republicans voted in favor of both the House and Senate versions of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. House and Senate Democrats couldn’t get their yes votes out of the 60s.

Read any good books lately, Jen? U.S. history books, maybe?

Forget it; she’s rolling.

She’s clearly way out of her depth. When all you’ve got left is incoherent screeching that Republicans are Jim Crow and the like, you haven’t just lost the battle; you’ve lost your damn mind.