Joe Biden ventured out briefly today to update us on the COVID sitch.

After listening to him, we’re not sure about the COVID sitch, but we’re pretty sure that the Biden sitch is … not good:

That would’ve been a good place for Joe to stop and maybe get a drink of water or something. Have a walk around.

But he didn’t do those things. So the spectacle only became more painful for us:

That’s legit difficult to watch. As is this:

Dude. He told us to do Google. Well, at least he and Kamala Harris are on the same page!

Masks! Great! So we’ve got that going for us, at least.

And how about those tests? Can he give us any more information than Kamala Harris did?

They’ve been ordered! Thank God. Are they gonna go out by next week? Is the Biden administration doing it?


In the meantime: