“The TODAY Show” aired an exclusive interview with Vice President Kamala Harris this morning, and we’re thinking about complaining to the FCC or something. Shouldn’t it be against some kind of law to air footage of someone flailing around and ultimately drowning?

Because let’s be clear: Kamala Harris went into that interview already waaaaay over her head. What is this, if not drowning on live television?


Ooof. And it gets worse:

Is it possible to die of cringe? Because we’re feeling pretty close to death right now.

If she weren’t so loathsome, we might actually feel kinda sorry for her. Clearly she has no business being interviewed without a script to follow, let alone being the Vice President of the United States.

True story!

If nothing else, at least she’s predictable. We know she’ll make an ass of herself as soon as she opens her mouth.

Wouldn’t you be if you knew you were going to utterly humiliate yourself and your boss by virtue of appearing on TV?

She’s more of a crash-and-burn kind of gal.

At least Kamala Harris is sticking to the Biden administration brand, so she’s got that going for her.



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