Late last week, during the Supreme Court’s hearing on Joe Biden’s OSHA vaccine mandates, Justice Sotomayor said some things that were, well, totally wrong.

Even PolitiFact was pumping the brakes on that one.

The good news is that at least Justice Sotomayor has “View” luminary (View-minary?) Sunny Hostin in her corner:

That’s not how this works …

We hate to rain on Sunny’s parade, but her defense of Sotomayor is not nearly as airtight as she thinks it is.

Not last time we checked.

We wish.

Forget it; she’s rolling.

You don’t. You just point and laugh.

And Sunny Hostin is not a serious person who deserves to be taken seriously.

We wouldn’t hire her.

Sunny Hostin should be out.



Justice Sonia Sotomayor just keeps racking up the hot takes over Biden’s OSHA vaccine mandate