CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky is on a real hot streak lately!

We already told you about her “Good Morning America” appearance in which she admitted that ackshually, over 75% of COVID deaths occurred in people with at least four — at least four — comorbidities.

But Walensky can’t kill her credibility and reputation without having a few personality comorbidities herself. One of them is deliberately withholding information from the public. Another is her hopeless ineptitude. She showcased the latter yesterday on ” Fox News Sunday” with Bret Baier:

“Forthcoming”? What’s the holdup? Surely Dr. Walensky has the answer to Baier’s question.

Unless, of course, she has no idea what the answer is. Or she knows what the answer is but knows that the answer will cast aspersions on the CDC’s and Biden administration’s honesty.

Neither of those scenarios are good looks for Walensky et al.

Do they really have no idea? Or do they know that the truth will be their undoing?

If that information is on the CDC website and Walensky said it on national TV, then we’re inclined to believe that Walensky is afraid to give Baier a straight answer.

If Rochelle Walensky digs her grave any deeper, she’ll pop out somewhere in China. Which would be entirely appropriate.