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In the interest of transparency and accuracy, we’re updating our post.

This thread from James Surowiecki does provide some context that was missing from the clips that have been circulating:

While we’re not inclined to defend Dr. Walensky, given her record of lacking of transparency and competence, we believe that she does deserve to have her remarks taken into context.

Our original post appears below.


We could sit here for hours trying to come up with a single reason why we should still be listening to anything CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky has told us. But it would be a complete waste of time.

Stuff like this is why:


That’s actually from last October summer, but it’s been making the rounds again recently, because it’s still very relevant.

It’s relevant because Rochelle Walensky is still trying to pretend that so many critics of Democrats’ and government bureaucrats’ COVID approaches haven’t been right all along.

How thoughtful for Dr. Walensky to finally acknowledge — albeit extremely clumsily — something we’ve known pretty much since the beginning: that comorbidities can increase the likelihood of severe COVID illness.

No, seriously. Walensky is behaving as though this is brand new information:


FOUR. Over 75% had at least four comorbidities. That’s pretty significant, no? That’s the kind of information that should have been put out there a while ago, no?

There may be something to that theory, actually.

Walensky’s little revelation only lends credence to the theory that Democrats and the government have been using COVID to maintain and tighten their grip on the public’s lives.

Well, we’re not laughing.

And they’re still not ready to back down.

A strategy so crazy, it just might work.



CDC’s Rochelle Walensky just ‘said the quiet part out loud’ and admitted that for Dems, the COVID pandemic has always been about politics