Man, Rochelle Walensky is just dropping bombshells all over the place!

We already told you about her pretty significant admission that the CDC’s COVID testing protocol is, um, flawed.

But there’s even more where that came from. And, like the above, this doesn’t inspire anything remotely resembling confidence in our alleged scientific betters:

About what which people would be able to tolerate, Rochelle?


That’s because it isn’t. At all.

If you’re outraged right now, revel in it. Because you should be outraged.

That’s quite possibly the only way to interpret it.


And she used a freakin’ megaphone.


It’s always been politics. For Democrats, COVID was merely a means to an end.

Good. It should be a bloodbath. Democrats deserve to get their clocks cleaned next year.

That would be a welcome change. Because Lord knows that the Science™ followers haven’t been following any actual science.

It’s a terrible idea.

Consider it done.

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