Quite a few liberals were quick to pile on Republican Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin for the disaster on I-95, despite the fact that it’s Ralph Northam who’s currently occupying the Governor’s Mansion.

The Dispatch’s Jonah Goldberg didn’t outright blame Youngkin for the horrible situation, but he did suggest that Youngkin should be “flooding the zone to get this I-95 crap fixed”:

Goldberg indeed deleted his tweet. But he didn’t seem to understand why people thought the tweet was a problem in the first place:

Speaking of acting in bad faith, why retweet Jonathan Chait making excuses for his own disgusting take?

There’s really no need to help Jonathan Chait try to justify his vileness.

Because if you do, can you really blame some conservatives for thinking that you’re a lib apologist?

Here’s what Goldberg is referring to, by the way:

That is indeed bonkers.

It’s also bonkers to drag Glenn Youngkin into the I-95 disaster. He literally had nothing to do with it and is literally in no position to do anything about it.

Leave January 6 out of this, please. It has nothing whatsoever to do with stranded motorists in Virginia. Sometimes it’s just not about January 6.

The current governor who, for the record, is choosing to tackle the issue by blaming motorists for being in danger due to his government’s ineptitude and incompetence.

Why not explicitly call out Ralph Northam? You know, the guy at whom the buck actually stops? Goldberg has not mentioned Northam once since explaining his deleted tweet about Youngkin, or at least he hasn’t mentioned anything on Twitter. It’s only natural that some people out there will wonder about your priorities.