Since Governor Ralph Northam (YES, HE’S STILL VIRGINIA’S GOVERNOR) couldn’t be bothered to actually do anything helpful for Virginians stranded on I95 (some for 24 hours now), Reagan Battalion stepped up to do their part for their fellow man.

Ok, that’s not fair, Ralph said hang on, the sun will help.

There ya’ go.

It’s no wonder people are taking the situation into their own hands:

This is awesome.

This is what America is built on.

This is who Americans are.

And that’s probably why Jonathan Chait decided to crap all over their efforts.

Because nothing helps people stranded in the cold for hours and hours like playing politics.

RB came back as only they can:

Wouldn’t count on it.

He’s far too busy exploiting stranded Virginians to own the Cons.

This is EXACTLY who they are.

How long ya’ got?



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