In case you missed it, soon-to-be-ex-Virginia-Governor Ralph Northam finally announced that his team was tackling the ongoing crisis faced by countless motorists stranding on I-95 following a severe snowstorm.

Really staying on top of your state, Ralph! At least Virginians can take comfort in knowing that although your term is drawing to a close, you still care as much about them as ever.

Which is to say you don’t even give half a damn:

Wonder how the people who were trapped would respond to that. We’re guessing many of them would be where Ronni Schorr is at, if not even more furious:

But some motorists said they aren’t to blame for what they saw as government officials’ poor planning.

Ronni Schorr said Virginia officials were “not at all” prepared, and she didn’t see plows until Tuesday morning. She said her vehicle finally exited the highway after 14 hours, weaving around others stuck in the median, after a plow cleared an exit ramp on the other side of the highway. A tractor-trailer blocked the nearest exit ramp, she said.

“I’m not angry at the snow,” Schorr said. “I’m just upset at the way they handled it.”

Most frustrating, she said, was the lack of communication from state and local officials as she and her husband took turns catnapping overnight in their Mazda. Finally, on Tuesday morning, they received a push alert on their phones from Virginia.

What a comfort it must be to Schorr et al. to know that Northam ultimately blames the victims for their plight.

He’s still got a few weeks left in his term … there’s still time for that.

Curse you, Ron DeSantis. You and Glenn Youngkin.

But of course.

We’re honestly a little shocked that Northam didn’t also join the blame-Glenn-Youngkin party. He Might as well have, because it’s clear that he has no interest whatsoever in taking any responsibility for what happened.

Ralph Northam is just full of surprises, isn’t he?