In case you missed it, First Lady Jill Biden has been just an absolute godsend. Although she may not be an actual doctor, she still has the cure for what’s ailing American society.

And the Washington Post is all over it:

Vaccine Ambassador Jill Biden. How lovely.

So? So???

So, we should all be grateful that Joe Biden is in the White House so that Jill Biden can be First Lady.

And given that Joe Biden pretty much requires round-the-clock care, Jill Biden’s multitasking is a big f*cking deal.

Yas, Kween! Yaaaaaas!

Huge thanks to the Washington Post for bringing Jill Biden’s essential role as White House Vaccine Ambassador to the rest of the country’s attention. Especially because in doing so, WaPo was also forced to mention something that the mainstream media had forgotten all about, or at least wanted us to have forgotten all about:

Jill Biden’s trip earlier this month to a children’s hospital that was treating young victims of November’s deadly Waukesha Christmas parade massacre had essentially nothing to do with the victims and their families and everything to do with promoting COVID vaccines for kids.

If the Washington Post thinks we’re supposed to be impressed by Jill Biden’s Waukesha visit, we’d like to disabuse them of that notion. Because we’re not impressed at all.

What we are is decidedly disgusted that apparently the only way to get a major media outlet to acknowledge the Waukesha massacre is to use it to make Jill Biden look like some kind of saint. In the effing Style section:

She starts with empathy. In Jackson, Miss., Charleston, W.Va., and Albuquerque, among many other stops, she’s held the hands of people getting shots, and told them she got hers and it didn’t hurt, but they should look at her if they’re scared. She spent her last trip of the year visiting families of victims of the Christmas parade tragedy in Waukesha, Wis., and talking up the vaccine for kids 5 and older at a Wisconsin pediatric hospital, (as she has done in Houston, Philadelphia and Virginia). There, she commiserated with scared parents about the deep love and “absolute terror” you feel “because you know that this little, fragile life is depending on you.”

How about the fragile lives that were stolen by a criminal with no regard whatsoever for human life?

“Tragedy” is the same word the Washington Post used to describe the massacre when they claimed that it was “caused by a SUV.”

This is such a slap in the face to the victims and their loved ones, more than a month after innocent people were injured or killed. They deserve far more than a brief mention in one paragraph of a Style piece on how awesome Jill Biden has been on COVID vaccination messaging.

Shame on the Washington Post. Again.



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