In case you hadn’t heard, Donald Trump recently said some stuff that many people are understandably interpreting as antisemitic:

That’s … well, that’s not great, guys. No matter how you slice it.

Now, some may argue that not everything he said was inherently antisemitic:


Anyway, CNN’s Jake Tapper shared some choice quotes from Trump’s interview that he found particularly “jaw dropping.”

Know what else is jaw-dropping? Look who retweeted Tapper’s tweet:

Ilhan Omar. The same gal who believes that Israel should not be able to defend itself from Palestinian terrorists. Miss “It’s All About the Benjamins, Baby.” Miss “Israel Has Hypnotized the World.”

She actually expects people to believe that she’d be outraged over antisemitism.

We actually have a very easy time imagining what it would be like if Ilhan Omar had said the things that Donald Trump said. Because she says antisemitic things on the regular.

We’re right here, Amir. Where will you be the next time she vomits up antisemitic filth?

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