In case you missed it, GOP Sen. Ted Cruz did not wear a mask at Sen. Bob Dole’s funeral. Cruz wasn’t the only maskless politician there, but as a favorite bogeyman for liberals, he’s the only one whose masklessness matters.

Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar was also at the funeral. Seated next to Cruz, in fact. And she was wearing a mask. So, naturally, CNN’s Jake Tapper tried to get Klobuchar to call Cruz out for his insolence and lack of concern for her welfare and the welfare of others:

Something worth noting very quickly:

We’re not going to get on Klobochar’s case about wearing her mask only over her mouth and not over her nose as well, because quite frankly, Tapper’s behavior is far more offensive.

It’s bad enough that he’s really trying hard to get Klobuchar to lay into Cruz despite the fact that she clearly — and rightly — isn’t interested in taking the bait.

But there’s a whole ‘nother layer of stupid to this cake:

Where’s your mask, Jake? Couldn’t even manage a chin diaper? You, like Ted Cruz, have a national platform. You can stand upon that platform and signal your virtues. Yet there you sit, sending the message that masking doesn’t work, or that masking is only for some people but not for special people like you.

You kind of have to laugh. These people are just so transparent.

Tapper’s logic is apparently that only Republicans and regular people need to wear masks. Because science.