Yesterday, we told you about the Chicago woman at Dallas Love Field on a layover whose money, more than $100,000, was seized after a K-9 officer found it in her suitcase.

The woman wasn’t charged with any crime or even arrested, but they took her money anyway. Textbook case of civil asset forfeiture in action.

For the record, we don’t blame the dog for this cluster. He was just doing what he’d been trained to do.

It’s the people who believe in training dogs to sniff out money so they can subsequently take it without cause who are the problem.

That’s essentially what the justification for civil asset forfeiture boils down to.

Our post yesterday featured a typically fantastic Iowahawk thread on the subject of civil asset forfeiture and what an abomination it is. Apparently having had a night to sleep on it, Iowahawk is just as pissed off about it today:

Another oldie but goodie from Joe Biden.

Something tells us that Iowahawk still has a lot more to say on this subject. We very much look forward to hearing it.

Elon Musk was definitely onto something when he called the government “the biggest corporation with a monopoly on violence, and you have no recourse.” Look no further than civil asset forfeiture for the proof.



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