Usually, you see the trending topic first and then check to find out what it’s about, but in this case, we saw the tweet first and knew exactly why “civil asset forfeiture” was trending. CBS Dallas-Fort Worth on Tuesday reported on a police dog that was being praised for sniffing out $100,000 cash in a woman’s luggage at a Dallas airport.

CBS DFW reports:

On December 2 the canine — named ‘Ballentine’ — alerted on an individual checked suitcase. It turns out the bag, that belonged to 25-year-old woman from Chicago who was on a layover at the airport, contained blankets and two large bubble envelopes filled with $106,829 in cash.

The woman who owned the bag was not arrested, but the money was seized and police say it will be subject to the civil asset forfeiture process.

You’re free to go, but the money stays with us. Yes, apparently there are rules about this, but not everyone considers this a cute dog story.

It’s not often that police dog stories are hit with a ratio, but this one certainly is. More details, please.